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December Wallpaper

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Yua and Amu's wallpaper ! Early Merry Christmas ! ^^

Yua Sakurai and Hinamori Amu

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I know my editing sucks . I was making this for my YT sister and Me ^^ 
Hinamori Amu Icon

Yua Sakurai Icon
tag : Me as Yua Sakurai and Mei as Hinamori Amu 
Tada ! After putting my own name on it , i can put it in my channel xD Even thought the new photoshop is very very stupidly , dumply , uncoolly , lag . But i think it's okay . As soon i found a new one , i am going to delete this one xP 

Sisters Forever

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This is a Youtube template dedicated to Mei (SweetBerryX) I am the cat and she is the dog . ^^ 

Youtube Templates

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This bg is for one of my YT sister -WinxAriel- 
She is one of my guinea pigs ^^ haha !
I will make a Tadamu bg when I got time . 
This is a bg dedicated to Raily -HunnyHotori- and Mano -StellaRocksWinx- . 
We are like 3 musketeers ! So i decided to make a bg for the 3 of us . Which got me into a fight with NicoleGracix :( 
Don't even remind me of that ! 

Shugo Chara Icons

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I posted some icons that i haven't delete . I figured you would like this (maybe) .
This is a request from GuardianNadeshiko for her friend who likes Amu ^^

I made this is in Photoscape for fun ^^

I made this for my YT sis she likes Nagihiko .

my current YT icon ^^ Yua Sakurai .

Amu's icon for ^^

I made this for WinxAriel in YT .

my ex-icon . Hinamori Amu .

When Sunsets... the world went ....

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This is the original wallpaper i found in google . 

This is after i edit it :) You can download this wallpaper in Here :)

Scenery with a rainbow

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I found an amazing photoshop tutorial site and learned how to edit real life picture :) The picture above is the original picture i found in google :)

This is how it end up :) A rainbow in the picture ! If you looked carefully , there's another rainbow in the corner (a double rainbow) . It's the first time i used Photoshop to edit something in real life. Here's where you can download it :)